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Nov30-09, 03:19 PM
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Damn, if they can do 600W for 6 mins thats extremely impressive.
To my mind, olympic rowers in these time frames (6 minutes), out perform any other athlete type.
The athletes are frequently tested on ergometers (flywheel machines). The world record a few years ago was 5 min 36 s. over 2000 meters. That's a continuous power output of 590W, i.e. work done on the machine. Over 500M (1m 16s) these guys can exceed 1HP. I've tested at the 2k distance a hundred times in competition and came in, ehem, somewhat lower. The typical top 10 school college rower (male) will rate at about 430W.

BTW, the do-it-yourself helo would have to hold that record holder's 97kg, 2m to get that power: