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Dec4-09, 10:57 PM
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Phrak, please drop this line of discussion, as it is distracting from the purpose of the thread. You're not the one who gets to interpret the rules of the contest, the people running it are. So it isn't useful to try an weasel around them for the purpose of discussing it in this forum, when it is obvious that such weaseling wouldn't fly with the organizers of the contest.
Didn't I already note that in a past thread?

I haven't come across a great deal of creative thinking on this thread. Two serious-money attempts at this have been made, without success, using fairly common approaches. Since then somewhat more rigid materials have become more commonly available. (How does the specific modulus of commercially fabricable carbon-carbon compare to aluminum or steel? The last two are equal.)

I offered a very feasible helicopter that no one seems to given noticed. Why is that? Itís difficult to expect much from one's fellow posters, without some prodding, after such a blank reception.

Do you have anything yourself?