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Dec6-09, 10:40 PM
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There is no such thing. Evolution is change. It doesn't state the change has to be good.
Normally, evolution implies adaptation for the environment. What we have is a process that makes humans as a whole less adapted to function in the modern environment, because those least adapted have children and those most adapted do not.

Of course, if you wish to define evolution as any kind of change, that is evolution.

That doesn't eliminate competition for mates, nor does it address the impact of other impediments to mating, such as health issues.
You can say that it slows significantly. Competition for mates is not eliminated, but we're at the point where it no longer plays any selective role. In a wolf pack, an alpha male wolf would mate with all the females of the pack and an omega male would not get to mate at all. There's strong advantage to be an alpha male. In a modern human society, 95 out of 100 end up married and having children (or not, depending on their preferences), and their children have close to 100% chance of surviving to adulthood.

Impediments to mating are few and far between, and, thanks to our modern medicine, things that would've been major impediments to mating, and sometimes even life, such as Down's syndrome or haemophilia, are no longer such.