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Dec20-09, 05:23 AM
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Hey ZapperZ,

Thanks (again) for the wisdom imparted by your efforts in writing up this extensive post, and greetings from Australia.
I'll be starting my final year in undergraduate Physics this coming semester and have effectively set myself up for a double major in mathematics and theoretical physics. One of the units I've enrolled in deals with computational mathematics/analysis using MATLAB (a package better suited as a torture device than a useful program, according to my Engineering friends) but I'm concerned that my complete ignorance of programming will hamper my ability to continue on with honors and post-graduate education unless remedied.

Having last performed any programming ~4 years ago in highschool with Visual Basic and finding the wealth of knowledge associated with (computational) programming and modelling overwhelming or even intimidating, how would you suggest I go about pacing myself into things?
To elucidate, much of what I've read deals primarily with software- or web-based applications and I'm not sure how to set my late-blooming computer science education up for packages used by my PhD friends/demonstrators that took computer science classes.

The computational mathematics unit offered by my Faculty of Maths:

Thanks again!