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Dec21-09, 12:13 AM
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I have been skeptical and somewhat curious as to why we see things like "ghosts. I would also like to say that we as a people can base our experiences on an Electro Magnetic response as well, and call it good. The Electro Magnetic theory seams to best explain why we see things. Ever heard of a "Self fulfilling Prophecy"? Just some ideas to wrack your brain with! So I have another theory, and am curious what you think.

You look up any ghost story, or type ghost in on "U-tube". You get all kinds of stuff. There is also a video that shows a group of youths picking up a girl in a vehicle somewhere overseas, maybe Norway, something. It's also late at night during the video. Well they pick the girl up and ask her a few questions. She finally responds with a look of terror on her face, there is some shouting. Then out of the blue the vehicle crashes. The video ends. The report or end of the video explains that the girl in the video, who was picked up, was already dead. Though they physically pulled the vehicle over and picked her up out of pity. Is this an explanation of time travel? If so, can we explain other sightings as going back in time? We also might be able to explain what we see in real-time as an imprint on time, a different sort of time travel! Since we cannot explain our experience other than what we know at a base level, we are scared. I have experienced friends being scared of things they donít understand. Though in my thirst for knowledge, I choose in some way not to be. That would be an assumption! I would be following my conditioning as a child!