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Jan5-10, 09:26 AM
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"Space Elevator" has been in my Google Alert for quite some years now, and I have noticed a tenfold increase in the chatter on the subject. It would appear that the concept is rapidly becoming part of the collective consciousness.
It is notable that the Japanese are looking to spend 8 billion on such a project, and while that might seem an insignificant fraction of the final cost, it makes for interesting seed money.

Whether building a space elevator is feasible can be an arguable subject, but IMHO there is little doubt that someone will try. The rewards are just too big to ignore. I won't go into the mass/lift ratio advantage here, but considering the relatively small resource outlay, the political stature and military advantage that a space elevator will afford, will ultimately be too tempting for any number of powerful nations.

As a real-estate speculator, my focus of interest is where it might be located. For logistical, physical and political reasons, my bet is the island nation state of Nauru. The island is on the equator, minimum security issues, harbor installations, commercial runway, tarmacked road rings the island.

The only other places available on, or near the equator are either politically insecure, or have no infrastructure.