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Jan6-10, 04:08 AM
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And then this happened..

One tequila
[Moonbear] 11:54 pm: I have a shot of pomegranate vodka waiting to toast midnight. No champagne.

Two tequila
[Moonbear] 12:42 am: Well, if I'm going to stick around for another time zone, I need to get another shot ready. brb (I'm glad I'm going to be snowed in tomorrow)

Three tequila
[Moonbear] 3:00 am: Time for another shot!

[General Chat]: Moonbear has left at 3:32 am

Bahahahaha! Thanks for the good chat with you guys on my lonnnnesome New Years.

Thank goodness I was able to get in there even though I was banned from the forums, I may have died of boredom