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Jul10-04, 11:16 PM
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San Andreas Fault

The San Andreas fault is what they call a "right-lateral strike-slip" fault. If you stand on one side of the fault, and if you are very patient, you will eventually see features on the opposite side move to the right.

A few years back I took the highway that runs west from Bakersfield. It runs through Buttonwillow and through the small oil town of McKittrick. Just west of there it climbs over the Temblor Range and down into the Carrizo Plain. I knew the fault runs across the highway there, and I kept looking for a sign saying San Andreas Fault, but there was no sign. There was a stretch of road (200 yards or so, I am thinking) where the pavement was newer. I wondered if that was where the fault was, and maybe they have to keep re-doing the asphalt there to fix cracks.