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Jan25-10, 02:20 AM
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So would this be the type of componant?

or mor like this one?

Then this would control 2 different valves? One for steering and one for the motors? I don't know if any of the valves on that site will work. The pump has a 12vdc solonoid on it. What does that do? Does that operate the swashplate, or something else?
The first one,, is the one you want. See the 4 buttons on top? That's the four reducing valves. GOOD PRICING.

I need more info on that pump, spec sheet. Don't know what the solenoid is for. I'm pretty sure we can hydraulically actuate that swashplate. A single joystick will control the pump and steering. The two buttons at 12 & 6 oclock control the pump and the 9 & 3 oclock control the steering. We need spec sheets for all these components so we can verify everything will work together.