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Jan25-10, 05:31 AM
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Thank you so much. Actually my work itself makes use of Bondi mass as an infalling matter, so the BH would lose mass and therefore it would get smaller in its size but not motionless at all, but the Penrose process on the other hand gets involved to not let this happen because according to Penrose, in any case except BHs with accretion disks, the angular momentum of infalling particles decreases the total angular momentum of BH which itself is limited by the fact(?) that HR carries away angular momentum by the emission of rotating particles so it's going to make BH stop rotating. Here to have a PMM we need to know Penrose process is less happening than mine in a Kerr BH without an accretion disk. But the important thing is that in case of accretion disks, both make a BH rotate perpetually which only is possible if HR does not exist or it occurs so much slower than PP or my own process!

Elegant, I love it. Makes perfect sense too, and next to rotational frame dragging, the Penrose process is my personal favourite!