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Jul12-04, 06:54 PM
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For most people this is not an issue of science, it's a best guess about who to believe. Since we are talking about the possible extinction of the human race, when if not now should we listen to our experts?
Best guess?! You are making a big mistake when you let others do your thinking for you.

The consensus was against Alfred Wegener, and he was vindicated after his untimely death. The consensus was agains J. Harlan Bretz, and it took 50 years or so for him to be recognized as right.

Sallie L. Baliunas said in her article with James K. Glassman:

"Without computer models, there would be no evidence of global warming, no predictions of disaster, no Kyoto. . By simulating the climate on giant, ultra-fast computers, scholars try to find out how it will react to each new stimulus - like a doubling of CO2. An ideal computer model, however, would have to track five million parameters over the surface of the earth and through the atmosphere, and incorporate all relevant interactions among land, sea, air, ice and vegetation. According to one researcher, such a model would demand ten million trillion degrees of freedom to solve, a computational impossibility even on the most advanced supercomputer."
(The Weekly Standard Magazine, June 25, 2001/Vol 6, Number 39: "Bush is Right on Global Warming")

It does not matter how many people say it is so, it matters who is right. And sometimes there is only one or a few who are right.
As a scientist you should never assume. Investigate. Find out for sure.
Think for yourself, Ivan Seeking. Live free!