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Feb2-10, 05:16 PM
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Let be really clear... the traces I was speaking of was NOT CO2.
Neither was I.

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I'm also not arguing FOR petroleum.
I understand. You have been continuing to argue from the beginning that EVs are about the same as gasoline powered vehicles regarding harmful pollution - that switching to EVs wouldn't make much difference. That's wrong.

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Second, your 84% figure is based on one article, and one study, AND that assumes those vehicles are hybrids with 33 mile range batteries ALL being recharged at night. In a 220 million vehicle economy that is an absurd notion.
Versus your assertion, that the grid would 'fry', which is based on no sources at all.

Here's the original PNNL report;
it has the percentage of grid information though it is mainly about emissions. If you are interested, comment directly on it. There's similar findings from the EPRI which google will reveal.