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Jul14-04, 07:02 PM
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Oy vey!

If you agree with Balkan, then the valence shell is 6 electrons, which is the filling of the p orbital. This clearly contradicts your illusion of all atoms wanting 8 valence electrons. Your assertion that the atom will try to fill the "final orbit" (??) with EIGHT (count 'em) electrons, "even if it makes an ion" is ridiculous. What "orbit" is this, since the NEXT orbital is the d-shell?Show me where you can easily find an ion with -8e.

i think you must excuse our friend here and stop tripping so much
i agree wholehearted with you personally, but i think he's talking about the bonding processes that leads to a lower energy level... like when two hydrogen atoms combine, or two oxygen atoms combine, obtaining a lower energy level by getting a partially shared amount of electrons which (almost) equivalents to the noble states...

am i right, Dual Op Amp?
cause in that case, it has to do with quantum mechanics, and that'll come later if you keep studying physics... it involves a whole lot of theory and will also reveal that it's really not even the case, it's just a convenient way to predict bonding... cause in a molecule, electrons will find them heavily subjected to the pauli principle and hunds rule, and everything goes sha'bang... just accept is as a convenient "rule" and learn the theory later...