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Feb9-10, 02:57 PM
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There are monitors and meter readings that will give this information. My real time monitor said my system produced 52 kwh yesterday (brilliantly sunny and snow on the ground). At one point in time, after the inverter it was producing 8650 out of 8800 nominal rating for the panels. That is 98% after inverter efficiency losses, which means the panels had to be producing above their rating.
Sounds like the mfn (BP?) is derating the panel a little. You mentioned up thread it was a 220W?
The data sheet lists 220W as rated for 1000W/M^2; obviously you are not getting 1000W/M^2 solar irradiance in NJ on Feb 8 at low elevation.
The BP 220 is a 1.68M^2 panel, including frame.

more later...