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Jul16-04, 10:18 AM
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I'm in the process of refurbishing a 915mhz 30kw Microwave power supply. The problem I'm having is that the electromagnet coil's water tubing is busted, and so we are having to replace it, and the standard replacement part is somewhat expensive ($2000+) and will take weeks to arrive. I've found a local shop that specializes in electromagnets and say they can duplicate my old one for less money and quicker return.

Anyways, it's the theory I'm interested in.

There are lots of salespeople in this industry, and a few people who know details about magnetrons, but I'm not finding anyone who can tell me how specific the magnet has to be. Obviously I hope wherever I get a replacement it will be the same as the original, but I want to have my bases covered if the magnetic field produced by the replacement is off by a few %.

So does anyone have any information and/or thoughts about how the magnet affects the magnetron? I understand the theory, but knowing how it will react in practice is a very different thing...
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