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Feb22-10, 09:22 AM
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Thanks for that link. It cleared my confusion on the readings. I had a test a few years ago and the result was 5.7, on the high side of normal. My doctor put me on statins. After five days I was so sick and miserable I never touched another. Was about a week before I felt normal again. I am over 70 and in excellent health.
Check with your MD. Get a second opinion from a different, reputable, MD. Many times a person is not put on statins only because cholesterol levels. There are other significant markers which play a role in diagnose, and they are all correlated. Some of the important markers are HDL / LDL , triglyceride levels, clinical signs of CV disease, aggravating factors such as hypertension, diabetes, family history of hearth disease.

Ive heard reputed cardiologists said that we should forget determining total cholesterol and rather, diagnosis should be made on
total Apolipoprotein B . (rather than LDL levels, which only serve as an paroximation of AlipoB )

Anyway, get a second opinion.