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Mar4-10, 05:26 PM
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Okay, I am by no means knowledgable in this field, probably more dangerous than anything. But I have a question about gravity. If two masses are identical (in an idea situation) and have no other forces acting on them, and start from a stationary position (at rest and stopped - zero velocity) and some arbitrary distance between them. What makes them "attract" each other by curved space since they both curve space equally.

Does the space curve "force" them to move toward each other (in my mind that would mean there was a "normal line" in space and if curved away from the normal there is some force that causes the mass to move to the apex of the curve)? It may be over my skill level at this point, I am having a hard time comtemplating the attraction being caused by curve space when neither were in motion, what causes the force to act upon each other.

Hope this is clear enough to get my question across.

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