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Mar5-10, 08:27 AM
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Have you studied the book "A first course in GR" by Schutz?
I actually purchased this book about three months ago, my plan was to go through it this summer. I am now finishing Calculus III and I didn't want to jump into the book before I was ready for it and become discouraged (I also have Wheeler's book, got it a great price at the same time, but it is definitely beyond my scope at this point, but I will tackle it soon). I am one who after being out of college for many years (several decades ago with a business degree) decided to go back and get my science degree and then pursue a masters and if I am lucky enough a doctrate, then I could retire and volunteer my services with some research group (what a cool way to spend the rest of one's life).

My areas of interest are gravity, time and light. I have only completed physics I & II at this point and no ODE in math formally, though I do work with them, that will be in the fall. Working 45-50 hours a week as an officer of a company and going to college 10-15 hours per semester has proven challenging, but when you enjoy this science, what else are you going to do??