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Mar13-10, 03:17 PM
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1) You can't make the argument that it takes on average engineers 5 years to graduate. That is a general trend amongst all college majors, including the biggest feeder to medical school, Biology. So you'd have to add a year to both.

2) My brother graduated from UCLA with a bachelors in Engineering after 4 years, and then got his masters from UC Davis in one year. He then started working at over 50 thousand a year for a 40 hour work week. This is before he has taken his PE, so this would be like the"internship" you talked about.

3) In medical school education, you have 4-5 years of undergrad and then 4years of medical school no exceptions. If you want to compare you have to look at the amount of money per hour not total per year. Yes the 50 thousand for an engineer after 5 years of education seems to be close to the 42 thousand after 8 years, however, what about per hour? The engineer is making $24.03 per hours. During the 3 to 5 year medical residency they are making $10.09 per hour. That is a HUGE difference. Not to mention that many of the 80 hours worked by a residency take place in 24to 36 hour shifts.

Please note I am not putting down the training an engineer receives, I have a great deal of respect for all engineers. But the education, sacrifice and training doesn't compare to that of medical education. Of course, the end salary of medical doctors tends to be a little bit higher than engineers so that helps many medical students deal with the abuse for 12 years of their adult lives.
1) Well, like I said, engineering degrees (most of the time) requires more credit hours and it's usually from a semester to a year more worth of credits.

2) UCLA, UC Davis? Did your brother get a job in California just above $50,000? That's ridiculous, he is getting underpaid as an engineer especially with a masters degree. And no, that is not the internship I'm talking about. Internships should be taking place during your junior/senior year of your undergraduate program and into your graduate program if you choose to get your masters.

3) So in the end, using the same time period:

Doctors = 5 years undergrad + 4 years med school + 3 years residency = 12 years training making roughly $150,000+ a year.

Senior Engineers = 5 years undergrad (while an intern) + 2 years masters (while an intern) + 5 years experience = 12 years training making roughly $100,000+ a year.