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Mar30-10, 06:21 PM
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We exist as matter, and taking a practical viewpoint rather than a philosophic, quantum mechanical, or relativistic point of view is best.
I certainly think that is waffle. Again I've just witnessed a person bash down another for daring to say something step out of line with blank-faced reality in front of our eyes.

I wouldn't get so angry as to even reply except for the fact that you refuted yourself in the next sentence;

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You can successfully and pointlessly argue that since matter and energy are the same thing, we are energy - yeah, true, but not on the level we as biological entities operate.
So not only do you agree with the original posters thoughts, you are sick of thinking about the truth of the matter because it provides you with no immediate practical use and you also gleefully ignore processes like atp that are directly responsible for you blissfully having the energy to make such claims.

Instead of bashing others down for asking questions you could have added things to complement the OP's questions;

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is my hand just an well created illusion, and im really just a thing made of energy,
There's also something like 98% empty space in that thing you call a hand

There also could have been mention of the enormous complexity of extending the mathematics of quantum mechanics - the kind that has a hope of "theoretically" explaining everything you're talking about -beyond even a single hydrogen atom.

that said, you could have done that, but the reality in front of our eyes seems unfortunately to appear different from the way some of us think.