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Mar31-10, 10:01 AM
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No I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm also well aware of his right to voice his objection to the OP's question.

I'm also aware of my dislike of putting others down for only asking questions.

I'm also aware of the dislike I have for non-constructive answers.

I'm also aware that those are the kinds of answers that alienate people from asing further questions.

I only pointed out that the answerers response to the OP's question was to agree with the OP's premise but to then tell him "it's pointless" to even think of the situation inspired by E=mc˛. It's a wonder why nobody else would care to clear up the situation for the OP, he was just asking genuine questions in a place of learning.

I further pointed out that his claim that taking a practical viewpoint of some of the most inspiring things in the world and neglecting the more philosophical etc... aspects is "waffle".
One need only read E.O. Wilsons "Conscilience" to understand some of the social stigma we see occuring here and I was refuting this perspective.

If I came across a bit angry it's because I was. The way I seen this situation was for the answerer to agree with the OP but to tell the OP his personal feeling it is pointless to think about such things, it's non-pragmatic.

There was no rheterocal technique there. If you'll follow the logic I merely worked off of the response, I mean no antipathy toward the answerer as a person but I really dislike his manner in answering questions (in this one case lol, I'm sure he'll get a science adviser badge like you too Dave ).

If you feel otherwise please quote me and I'll clear up what I meant, but there's nothing I've said off-topic, I even thought ahead of being accosted with this argument but assumed my mention of things like the difficulty of broadening QM to biological systems, and that matter is mostly empty space would have quenched that fire.
This is the BIOLOGY forum, not Philosophy. Jim's response was correct and polite, and right now you have mananged to drag an old thread off topic just to criticize a poster for no reason that is apparent, except to you.

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