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May4-10, 02:13 PM
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Hi 1st2fall!

(just got up )

This has nothing to do with physics.

It's just geometry "maximum compression" means minimum distance between the masses (it doesn't matter why), and that means the masses have the same velocity. this because if both sides attached are moving at the same velocity....there'd be nothing "pushing" it in? think I understand...

No, I mean while the velocities *are* different, while it's in the process of compression. If the spring is moving relative to it's initial position... the kinetic energy is being converted into potential, wouldn't the moving spring slow down? Or am I badly missing something here too... ??

Energy conservation and me don't get along very well. I got 33.75 on my practice exam multiple choice (35 questions, .25 deducted per incorrect) for mechanics because I missed a simple spring problem.... I really need to understand this and conservation much better so that I don't have such trivial problems when I'm in mechanics II next year @.@