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May29-10, 11:55 PM
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...Synesthesia is sometimes reported
as a symptom in autism-spectrum disorders,33 and sensory
and perceptual abnormalities are a significant feature of
ASDs.34,35 Clinical reports indicate a potentially elevated
prevalence of synesthesia among people with autism-spectrum
disorders, as well as sensory overload similar to that
reported by synesthetes...etc
I mentioned in the number forms thread that Cytowic and Eagleman called autism "the flip side of synesthesia". Two or so pages of Wednesday Is Indigo Blue are devoted to creating the impression they are mutually exclusive, that an autistic person would, de facto, not be able to also have synesthesia, since the hallmark of autism is a profound lack of cross modal associations.

Had Cytowic and Eagleman gotten outside of synesthesia and become really conversant with autism they would not have made this error.