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Martin Rattigan
May30-10, 08:53 AM
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i have it ( Modular elliptic curves and Fermat's last theorem). should i e-mail it to you? it's a pdf file and about 800k big.

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can you please mail it to [email address deleted]
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Dear Johannes

Can you please mail me the Proof for Fermat' last theorem. I have been searching this in internet, but couldn find any.

My Id: [email address deleted]

Thanks in Advance.
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can you please send me the proof of Fermat's Last theorum. my id is [email address deleted].
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Hi, Johannes - I'd be most grateful if you could email me a copy of the paper you had referred to. My email id is gs (underscore) chandy (at) yahoo (dot) com - please substitute the appropriate characters in the brackets and remove the spaces around each bracket to get my email id. Thanks and regards, gsc
Would it be possible (& legal) to upload a copy.