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a radical improvement in computing power, on the order of super exponential growth, tens of thousands of times faster then we have now...
From a recent TED Video: Dr. Henry Markham. and from a recent interview, August 24,2009 I know I am beating a dead horse, if I may direct your attention to the video:
7:00 New theory of autism, Intense World Theory
7:30 Goal of Neuroscience: understanding the Neo-Cortical Column, reality, perhaps physical reality
8:15 Built digital models of tens of thousands of neurons
9:30 Most important design secret of the brain: diversity
10:30 Pattern of HOW brain circuitry is designed, does not change
11:40 Describe mathematics of how neurons communicate (a hand full of equations will do it)
12:20 One neuron is assigned to each processor in a huge IBM supercomputer array, 10,000 in all
13:00 New insight: ignore neurons, ignore synapses, instead look at raw electrical activity (electrical patterns)
13:22 They produced ghostly like structures
13:30 Electrical objects in a neo-cortical column (hold the info about what stimulated it)
Any mathematical physicists out there interested in this ? If I had that skill set, I would be. What a great challenge...
Here is the Henry Markram interview by Sander Olson. [Note: there 14 questions and answers and a copyright by Dr. Markram at the end] Dr. Markram is the Project Director of the Blue Brain project, and Dr. Markram recently predicted that the Blue Brain project could have a human level brain simulation within a decade. Of note in this interview:

- The Blue Brain Project is not an AI project, but an attempt to unlock the mysteries of the brain. Dr. Markram is confident that Blue Brain models will eventually supplant AI.

-Knowledge of the brain is increasing exponentially. We are currently gathering as much information on the brain's structure and function each year as was gained in the entire 20th century. Neuroscientists are currently producing about 50,000 peer-reviewed articles per year. The Blue Brain project was launched in part to organize and coordinate this research.

-The Blue Brain project currently has the capability of electronically simulating 100 million neurons/100 billion synapse models, but is constrained by lack of funds to buy a sufficiently powerful computer.

-It currently requires 10-100 seconds of computer time to simulate one second of neuronal activity, but future computers should be able to simulate neurons in close to real time.

-A grid computing program to simulate and "build" individual neurons will soon be unveiled, and it will run on individual PCs as a screen saver.

- The blue brain project should result in extremely powerful "liquid computers" that can handle infinite parallelization.

Henry Markram Interview