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Jul13-10, 03:48 PM
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Ok, back to the original question, in case we lost track of that. We are at the temporal edge of the universe and the rest of it looks very smooth. Does that mean we reside at the center of the universe?
I'm questioning the mathematical models that come to conclusions that may at this time observably may be confirmed, but since there is still so much that we don't observe, require some faith to believe.

What if we observe that the universe goes back 100bly?
That would make the universe much, much older than we think it is now...If some mathematical model says it is 14bly, then observation or the model is in error.

There may not ever be a way to confirm if there is an edge to the universe other than a mathematical model, so that has to be tested and questioned and if a weakness is found, suspected as flawed beyond a certain point.

I just read that "singularities" are a problem...I have a problem with them too...The BB makes a ripping good yarn, gives people something to think about and have faith in, but singularities may be an invention because we can't see mathematically into the area that we are looking toward.

Another problem: Too many infinities...infinity this, infinity that...infinities piled into, onto, or otherwise associated with infinities...the universe may not be infinite. time may not be infinite..infinite mass, just a glitch in the math.

To say for certain that there is or is not an edge to a universe requires faith, or faith based science...for now, anyway.