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Jon Richfield
Aug1-10, 04:00 AM
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My question was more centered on the origin of life. I understand evolution is not about just the origins but still the origin is an important part.

I couldn't understand the part "turn off the furnace". Please help with it.
I assume that Nismar will not mind my contributing part of a reply?

Hm? I thought you, Jack, asked about the furnace?

Would you mind telling me what was my premise?
Well Jack, that was part of my problem as well. I (and I think Nismar) were having difficulty understanding your intention. It can be very difficult to answer a question when one does not understand what the question was intended to mean. Sometimes it turns out not to mean what the questioner thought it meant, and that leads to real difficulty.

In sum, are you saying that somewhere on earth chemicals are still combining to form living chemical beings?
I think what he meant (and certainly what I meant) was not necessarily that new living things are being formed from non-living chemicals. For one thing, it is possible that the conditions under which they formed on the ancient Earth are now too rare for life to be re-created, but if they are (it is quite possible in theory) then there are so many bacteria nowadays that any suitable new life molecules probably would get eaten up long before they got combined into new living things. Just think what happens to a new piece meat dropped into a pond! And that meat is far closer to life than any random molecules joining together.

But certainly some molecules that could be parts of living things if they got the chance, are being formed all the time, sometimes inorganically, sometimes as waste from living things.