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Aug2-10, 06:00 PM
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Now, here's we I need a class on this subject as I am getting lost.

Doc Al. You would agree that the relative speed from M2 onto a "stationary" M1 would be 0.8824. Is that correct?

starthaus - I am really confused about closing speed.

In the MMX .pdf file you referred me to, you explained that the lack of difference in roundtrip times for the reflecting beams of light (head on versus perpendicular) was due to a contraction factor in the direction of motion of the Earth. But that contraction factor was explained by Lorentz and Fitzpatrick by a later 1898 experiment. At the time of the MMX-3 experiment, I thought that the apparent lack of difference in roundtrip time for these light beams was unexplained using just closing velocities. By closing velocity assumption, there should have been a difference in roundtrip times. At least, that's what I got out of your paper. the time dilation part at the end was more icing on the cake or another way of proving it.

You would have to theorize a length contraction in the direction of the Earth orbital velocity to account for the similarity of the roundtriptimes.