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Aug4-10, 10:05 PM
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But Atyy, you have not offered any evidence of a landscape problem! Your paper shows Percacci immediately applying a readily available selection principle to narrow down the (comparatively modest) range of possibilities.

He may have used the word "bewildering" at the start of the paper to highlight the challenge he is undertaking, but he does not act in any way bewildered. Nor does he desperately invoke "anthropics" as Susskind did for string in 2003. He forges right ahead and applies the Wetterich method of "effective average action" ---see the blue highlight in the quote below.

At least wait until the AsymSafe people cry "Help!" before you conclude they are in trouble. Or until you see them thrashing aimlessly around.
I didn't say AS was in trouble. But I do imply that similarly, string theory is not in trouble.