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Aug9-10, 02:02 AM
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OK, I've done some research, I found the proper name for my field: Neurodynamics.

Here's a bit about it's history:

Here's what people are saying about it now (well, 9 years ago anyway):

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, August 2001, Volume 11, Issue 4. Neurodynamics: nonlinear dynamics and neurobiology: Henry D. I. Abarbanel, a and Michael I. Rabinovich


You took that post out of context. I differentiated between the article and my post. In my POST I was talking about my perspective. The WIKI article is supposed to be about the collective perspective of the members of the field (which I'm still struggling to perfect through my research, admittedly).
Well at least you see that the questions I raised concerning the name of your field and its exact definition was justified and it wasn't bad faith on my part. It's very important to watch for these things on Wikipedia if we don't want the encyclopedia to become a live discussion forum where people define things the way they want. Good luck with your future contributions.