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Aug10-10, 11:59 PM
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I hear a lot about people getting jobs in finance, programming, or maybe some type of engineering job with an undergrad degree in Physics but I'm going into my final year of undergrad and am only recently questioning whether I want to go on to get a PhD in Physics so all the classes I've taken have been preparing me for that. I haven't taken any economics or computer science courses or anything that would be useful in the real world. I feel like I have no skills that are useful in the real world. Would somebody really hire me with my background? What type of jobs could I get? I just wish I had foreseen this earlier and tried to take courses in things other than math and physics that would have been useful for trying to get a job straight out of undergrad.
how is it that you haven't even taken ONE CS course? I thought its usually required for a physics degree? Anyways I just recently managed to find a nice engineering job with just a physics degree. But thats because I took a couple relevant courses, had programming experience, and research/work experience. If you don't have those, then yes it will be tough for someone to hire you.

As for physics-related jobs, you might still have a chance at positions requiring an EE degree, work in a government or university research lab, etc. If you're willing to take anything, then I can tell you that on my school's job board, I found that there are some data analysis or some technical-related positions requiring a physics/math background but no programming experience was required.