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May19-03, 05:28 PM
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Memory cannot reside solely in the brain?

Originally posted by drag
Greetings !
To say that
almost 40,000 human genes are not enough to
display the apparent complexity we observe,
without some proof, is disrespectfull of modern
mathematics which includes chaos and other
advanced mathematical concepts which we can,
amongst other things, use to explain seemingly
incredible levels of complexity.
First time, I seen some explain that 40 000 genes is enough with mathermatical concept. Biologically, what the many people do not take in to concideration is that 40 000 genes is more than enough because there process such as regulation of genes, post-translation modification and post-transcription modification. The author also over simplify the role of the DNA and how it works. More studies of the cell and miolecular biology will prove that 40000 genes is more than enough.