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Aug28-10, 04:01 PM
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I'd love to know what this "special paint" does to your RF signals. People pay tens of kú to obtain a screened room for interference-free measurements of low level signals. All they needed to do was buy a pot of special paint. Well well.

I think the basic problem is down to 'modern living'. Diet, stress and a whole lot of other factors can give people all sorts of problems. It is very easy to think you've hit on a cause, whether it's EM radiation or pollution. Good evidence of a causal connection is very difficult to come by and, just because somebody writes a convincing article, it doesn't mean that the Science is right.

My theory is that the majority of overhead power lines have routes through under-privileged areas. People's health in such areas is poorer than average - so there's a clear correlation but is that a causal relationship?
Also, there are miles and miles of underground power lines that people don't know about. Are those residents exhibiting the same symptoms?
Also, do people who feel particularly healthy ever go to the trouble of measuring exceptionally LOW level of radiation around their homes?