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Aug31-10, 07:29 AM
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Human observation may be right or wrong. Some people see things that do not exist. Some see wrong colors. You would have to define the terms you are using. But this will take you out of the domain of physics. These forums are called "physicsforums", and this part of the forums is called "Quantum physics". You need to distinguish physics from philosophy, psychology etc.

You do need to know anything about philosophy and psychology to study and analyze physics phenomena. Just learn physics and mathematics and how to apply them in real world.
I disagree that this is not the domain of physics, indeed, i would have thought it's importance to quantum physics somewhat a mute point. But i'm willing to stop posting on the subject if others wish it so.

My definition of "human observation" would be - An intelligible interpretation (whether correct or otherwise) of information.

Isn't the above an inescapable inevitability (if one desires to form and communicate a conclusion) of experimentation?