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Aug31-10, 05:18 PM
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I see. You were implicitly assuming that every theory must eventually fail. I certainly sympathize with the idea that there will always be new frontiers to explore, but that's still a rather ideological assumption. Steven Weinberg for example does not seem to be afraid of the idea of a "final theory".
Yes, indeed! Weinberg's an particle physicist, whereas I think I've been reading too much of Xiao-Gang Wen's wonderfully mischevious "condensed matter" viewopoint

Anyway, if Asymptotically Safe gravity is emergent, would you then expect it to emerge via an infra-red fixed point from string theory or AdS/CFT? I know gravity in those theories has a different dimension, but if we take the naive expectation from Litim's results, then the fixed point would exist in higher dimensions too, wouldn't it?

If I read your paper correctly, then you'd agree with Dvali and Gomez's that Einstein-Hilbert gravity would emerge as a limit of string theory, but you'd differ in saying it emerges in a Wilsonian sense, via a phase transition?