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Aug16-04, 09:03 PM
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I am hoping I can do C++ next. That seems to be the order they want to teach these languages: C, C++, then Java, as each one is listed as a pre-req for the next. C# isn't a required class for my major, so I may just skip it altogether.
I signed up for Anthropology (I need another social science) in lieu of the programming classes this Fall. I am already going to be doing chem and psych. stats (plus I have my full time job) so my plate is pretty full. I think cramming in two programming languages during the quarter might push me over the edge. I'll pick up the programming again in Winter.

p.s. I ended up with an A in my C programming class so there are a bunch of tutors here I owe a thank you to - namely chroot, plover, Goalie Ca, faust9, AKG, Hurkyl and
e(ho0n3. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Thanks a bunch!