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Sep11-10, 11:15 PM
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Don't look to the devil for details. :) He lies.
You are in the wrong game then. I can make any model work if I don't care about the details. It's getting the details right that's a pain.

The only difference is, in the Milne model, that surface is receding (as in all of the dx/dt is due to velocity, rather than any stretching of space effects.) If I understand correctly, the surface, as described in the standard model is simply "popping into the observable universe" due to the light from the surface just now overtaking the stretching of space
You understanding is wrong. The way that the standard model handles electron recombination is exactly the same as how the Milne model does.

But the point is, you would still have the black-body spectrum either way, because it would be coming from the same phenomenon.

As for the "other anisotropies" we can simply assume that the universe is a little bit lumpy; The surface of last scattering has varying velocities as you look around the sphere.
So can you with the Milne model calculate the exact spectrum of the lumpiness. With lamba-CDM, I can put in some parameters and get a fit to get the lumpiness.

Can you do that?