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Sep15-10, 03:21 PM
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Thanks for giving a name to that method.

Consider then this system of 2 linear equations:

( (-2*sqrt(3) )/9 )x + z = 2*sqrt(3)

3*sqrt(2)y - 2x = 0

Here are presented two equations with 3 unknowns (x,y,z) is this system solvable using a matrix method? The reason being is because none of the equations have ALL 3 variables in them only two at a time. Is it a necessary condition that requires all three variables to be in the linear equations to be solved using a matrix algorithm?
Therefore does this constitute by def. a linear system of equations that is solvable using a known matrix method as we have been discussing above.
All example Ive come across seem to have all variables present in each linear equation of the system.

Thanks for the discussion