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Sep15-10, 04:37 PM
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I don't think it makes the picture more complicated to bring in the simplest kind of matter. If it does not actually make things simpler, at least it radically changes the kind of obstacles.
Not beeing LQG specific: but there are several arguments and views put forward by different people that it's even an OBSTACLE to try to first try to find a fully consistent theory of pure gravity.

The idea is that if matter and space are deeply related, then it may be resonable to think that any attempt to find a consistent isolation is bound to fail, and trying to do pure QG first and try to patch something else later may be part of the problem.

So trying to account for, or explain emergence of, matter and spacetime and gravity and other interactions as inseparable parts may make even make things easier.

Maybe we dont "quantize gravity" like we do with other fields, it could equally be that if we just to "measurement theory" properly and relationally, such a reconstruction will predict gravity.