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Sep20-10, 11:23 AM
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memory recall fascinates me, my oldest sister has a photographic memory. I hated that since only being a yr behind in school the teachers always expected me to perform at her level. they were not aware of her gift of being able to regurgitate info like she does, however curiously she doesn't have the comprehension of the information retained. I used to do her chem labs as I loved that class, and she really didn't know what it ment. she has an IQ of 240 something and my late father was 240ish as well. I never had the patience to sit thru the testing, although being implored to do so.

I however can recall just about every day of my life from about age 1 and a number of events from a few months of age to 1. it's not always an instant automatic thing, I have to first recall an event then from there I can track from there, kinda of like moving thru a movie reel. and everything thought or recall is always in life movie picture form. conversations are audible to me as is anything I read or recall. so if I recall something read in a book I invision the book but the words are a tape in playback unless I need to recall a picture then it's in a more traditional photographic memory form.

i also have a strange ability to never ever forget a face and can even somehow age the face to match to time difference. i.e. see someone once as a child then a decade later recognize them aged or the reverse, however it is a bit more difficult with 2d pictures. movie or real life is automatic. drives me nuts as I can't seem to recall names but faces stick like nothing else. it also worse if I try and make the memory of ones name, it almost guarantees me not remembering it, however if I don't pay attention, then it tends to stay.

a downside to this is distraction, trying to filter the barrage of information gets overwhelming and I will have multiple things going at once. it may seem like multitasking but in reality I have have to keep all those plates spinning to maintain sanity. if not I spend far to much time sorting, indexing and oddly cross referencing possible useful connections.

I classify my job as an inventor but that seems to confuse people. it's the only thing that works for me, I have ideas rushing in my head non-stop due to the constant stream of input and recall, I have also sadly over the yrs given away very profitable ones. I'll admit I'm horrid at the business end of things, thankfully these last few yrs I've had a good friend who benefits from this and I can get these ideas to market. I'm still puzzled by the cost of doing so though, everyone wants a piece.

My great great maternal grandfather apparently was an inventor of sorts in Scotland, according to the family. had something to do with farm equip and textiles. I feel like a jack of all trades master of none. OK I seem to have slipped off apologies.