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Sep20-10, 12:55 PM
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some very interesting points , i was thinking about the torque issue, and what keeps coming into my mind is this, the torque problem that needs the counter rotation to create stability, isnt that due to the rotor blades being physically attached to the body of the craft, this design doesnt have the mono blade anchored to the central column, its free floating in a magnetic field, im probably mistaken but if the blade has no physical connection to the body of the craft wouldnt that eliminate the torque problem.
the reason i have gone for the single blade option rather than a dual bladed option is because its nature, and lets face it nature does produce some very efficient designs, what is concerning me is the potential span of the monoblade, its going to have to support the weight of a person, which makes me wonder how big this would have to be.
soon as i can get the design to a workable quality i am going to try and get a small prototype made so that weight tests can be done, i think once these have been done and the results are there it will be easier to see where this is heading, even if it cant be made into an actual transport system it could be used as a descent system, like a parachute, but for now , thankyou gents for all your input