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Oct7-10, 09:26 PM
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Have a look at this web site. It gives the weather at a number of Antarctic locations:
You can click on the names to get previous data.

It isn't very windy anywhere today, but they do have very windy days.
Last June 5th at Casey was a balmy -5.3C (22.5F) maximum but breezy at 206 kmh (128 MPH).

There are plenty of calculators for room heating on Internet (Google) and Antarctica isn't a lot different to some parts of North America in winter.

You could use some of the spare power to heat water which could be stored and then pumped around the room to radiators.

Room insulation quality and installation would be important and a system where people entering and leaving the room would first enter a smaller room to avoid too much heat being lost from the main room would be a good idea.

If you wanted a wild guess, ballpark figure for a very well insulated room 15 ft square, maybe 5000 to 10000 watts would be a starting figure. This would be beyond battery power and possibly beyond wind generators used without any storage system.