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Oct9-10, 12:08 PM
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So do you consider yourself of English or British decent?
Well considering the ancestors came from various parts of England, with most coming from the North (Lancashire/Yorkshire border), and others from Scotland and Ireland, I'm more or less of British ancestry by geography.

The royal family is rather irrelevant to me.

In modern terms, I'm Australian, but I live in the US for now. My family wandered a lot, and I guess I have that gene. It's possible I could end up in NZ, Bulgaria or Afghanistan (Badakshan province), or even N. Pakistan (Karakoram) before I die. Governments and national borders are an inconvenience for me.

When England finally became English again, under the Tudors, it didn't last long. In 1603, the crown passed to the Stuarts and a real English man or women hasn't sat on the throne since. Edward VII had the family name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha! When he died in 1910, the Germans sent a whole delegation of princes to the funeral (other countries only sent one head of state). No doubt they considered Edward one of their own. In 1917 the Royal Family took the name Windsor as WWI raged on. The Royal Family may speak perfect English and be all that goes with being English (or is it British), but let's face it, they are Germans. There is no historic basis for the family name Windsor.
Some of my ancestors supported the Stuarts, and most likely those living in the south (London and surrounding counties) were more partial to Cromwell and the Parliamentarians.

In some ways perhaps, I'm more British the Elizabeth II. On the other hand, the English (Angels and Saxons) are of Germanic ancestry.