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Aug26-04, 06:13 PM
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If the casimir vacuum force for plates gave the opposite result to what it normally does
then neutrons could be held apart by this force.Trouble with this idea is that
the casimir would be expected to increase above its normal level (it's been tested over a plate separation of 10^-7 m) and push neutrons even closer together for the kind of distance that neutrons in a neutron star are separated by ( 10^ -15 metres).Perhaps dark energy is more concentrated than usual in the gaps between neutrons in a neutron star and pushes outward against gravity.If dark energy consisted of particles then according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle if these were trapped between neutrons in a neutron star then the small uncertainty in their position would give them a large momentum and a large repulsive force and hence they would counter the gravitational force strongly.And perhaps dark energy behaving like this could stop singularities forming when stars become black holes.