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May22-03, 01:03 AM
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I have no problems with your definitions. It doesn't matter to me if they agree with mine or not. I merely wanted to see this claim as definied by you. depending on the definitions the answer could change. But I wanted to indeed address your claim.

Adjusted claim:

Provide proof, "beyond a reasonable doubt", that empirical evidence of reality exists.

Honestly, I still do not understand the claim. I understand you want me to prove something, and to what degree you want it, and obviously you want empirical evidence, but of what?

I wish I could answer this, but alas I am confused. Please help!

Unless my adjusted claim is perfect for what you're asking. If it is then, I think perhaps it's a bit to "fundamentally philosophical".

PS: Adam. Firstly my comments weren't for you. Secondly your attempt at humour or something else isn't taken. Your post was utterly useless to no one. Thirdly, is the lazy mans place to get incorrect and irrelevant definitions when the definition of terms is so important as this.