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Dec9-10, 03:50 PM
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For what it's worth, MaximumPC has a "debunking" of Sharp's Quattron tech:,4

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HDTV television and movie content is produced and color-balanced on three-color displays that are accurately calibrated to Rec.709. Sharpís fourth primary color is yellow, and there isnít anything for it to do because yellow is already being accurately reproduced with mixtures of the existing red and green primaries. More importantly, a Quattron display canít show colors that arenít in the original three-color source image. So what good is it? None, unless you like to see over-exaggerated yellows.

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Note that in our figure, the outer white curve represents the limits of human vision
Sharpís yellow primary would need to lie somewhere outside of the red and green leg of the color triangle. But there isnít much room between the Rec.709 triangle and the human vision curve, is there? For this reason, itís difficult to see why a yellow primary sub-pixel is needed unless Sharp isnít able to put its red and green primaries where they belong.