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Dec22-10, 04:34 AM
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Hmm, well, see, but what is the point of grading? Do you give grades for how well someone can perform under the most favourable conditions or how well someone can perform under conditions he will be subjected to in "real life"?
But tests do not reflect the conditions of "real life", at least not in research. The problems I work on now often takes weeks of months to solve, and if I get tired I can get up from my desk and have a cup of coffee (and/or go to the lab and do something that does not require much brain activity).
Of course I have to meet deadlines, but those rarely involve any real problem solving since the only deadlines I have now involves finishing reports, presentations etc. Moreover, I tend to have most of my "eureka" moments when I am NOT sitting at my desk (usually when doing the dishes or something similar).
Hence, it is perfectly possible to have been bad at taking tests (as in "solve 5 problems in 4 hours") and still end up being a good researcher. This is one reason why I thing grades based on a combination of projects, hand-in assignments and written exams are more likely to reflect how much someone has learned from a course than a single exam alone.