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Dec26-10, 01:43 PM
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So if I said,"Yes, matter ( bricks and water) are composed of atoms." You would find that sentence too confusing to understand?
That too makes no sense.

An electron is a "matter". Yet, do you think it is "composed of atoms"?

I think you've made an oversimplification of physics, especially quantum mechanics. That is what is causing so much confusion with your question. You may not think it is confusing. But I can certainly tell you that if you have learned QM, your question borders on nonsensical. "everything is quantum" doesn't say anything meaningful, whether you like it or not.

Before you can make any kind of "philosophical" discussion of something in physics, it is imperative that you actually understands that part of physics that you want to talk about. This means it has to go beyond just a superficial understanding of what it is. If not, we get into something like this, where the starting point or the object of the discussion is lost due to confusing understanding of it.