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Dec28-10, 07:56 PM
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What you are suggesting is nowhere near such logic as 1+1=2. If it is, we won't have to perform experimental test of it and such tests won't be accepted in Nature, PRL, etc! You somehow cannot see the obvious contradictions and inconsistencies in your own argument based on what has transpired!
You seem the one struggling to follow the argument here. Models involve both theory and measurements. The two work in tandem and neither should be neglected.

You keep harping on about the need to be up to date with the empirical content. Which of course I agree with. But it was actually not particularly relevant in this thread as the essential QM issue has been clear from the beginning. It was that which I addressed, and which you have so far failed to address.

If you have some enlightening comments on the "third path" of quantum vagueness, especially in light ot the very fine Bausch/Jaeger paper (much better than other recent QM vagueness papers such as, then let's hear them...