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Dec28-10, 11:07 PM
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You seem the one struggling to follow the argument here. Models involve both theory and measurements. The two work in tandem and neither should be neglected.
What does that have anything to do with what you were proposing? A "theory" isn't a hand-waving argument. For theory and experiment to "work in tandem", a theory must produce quantitative predictions and the experiment must be able to measure such quantities! Are you telling me that what you told the OP falls under a category of a "theory"? Really?

You keep harping on about the need to be up to date with the empirical content. Which of course I agree with. But it was actually not particularly relevant in this thread as the essential QM issue has been clear from the beginning. It was that which I addressed, and which you have so far failed to address.
You offered a hand-waving argument with no empirical support. This is a fact that you haven't and can't dispute. That's the end of the story.